Time for an intro …

Hi, I’m Muna … if writing long essays in the form of Whatsapp messages is called being fond of writing, then that’s definitely me! Am currently based in Dubai, obsessed with the color pink and love travelling, baking, fitness regimes, wildlife, playing my favorite songs on repeat and the occasional read. Given all the above, starting a blog seemed to be the most obvious choice right? So ta-daa here I am, with ‘Strictly Lighthearted!’ While the topics on the blog may vary, the aim behind each one is the same i.e to keep it simple, lighthearted and hopefully make you smile … coz lets face it, life is too short to be serious all the time! So the only kind of ‘serious’ you should expect to get here is the ‘omg, I just discovered my first strand of grey hair’ kinda serious …

There, that wasn’t too bad was it? Think we can be friends?

Until the next post, Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!


17 thoughts on “Time for an intro …

  1. Munaaaaa just saw this😃…loving the name!!!, very unique, very YOU😘 …yaaayyy looking forward to read more fun, lighthearted posts.

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  2. You know one the first things I did when I made this blog was getting a small laptop. I haven’t done the sit in a cafe and type your heart out thing yet, but it’s on my list.
    P. S. Absolutely love your blog. 👸

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  3. How delightful you are….and, such a witty, charming, and amusing post….thank you for “following” me, for it brought you to my attention….now, I’m following you, too. By the way, my first name is Truly. So lovely to “meet you”, Muna 🙂

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  4. Absolutely life IS too Short! Especially if you have just found your first grey hair.Joking. I will have to follow you because I love finding a post to make laugh or smile over my morning cup of tea before I rush off to work. Looking forward to reading more new posts and checking out your older ones. Louise

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    1. Louise, since you are a year late in joining me here, then you can make that 4 strands of grey hair now! 😰

      You absolutely made my day! It makes me very happy to know if I managed to make someone smile through my blog. Deep down I hope readers start off with a lopsided smile and end it with a huge grin! xx


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