Annoying phone habits

I did the unthinkable today … I forgot my phone at home! It was too late to turn back, so I had no choice but to go ahead without it … sounds so tragic right? I almost make it sound like an important organ of the body but unfortunately that is the role a phone plays in our lives these days! I must admit, though the day felt incredibly weird to start out with, I actually felt more free without a phone .. It gave me a chance to explore and observe more .. Based on these very same observations I was convinced my next post had to be about ‘annoying phone habits‘ … Here is how my day went …


Heads up about heads down:
I was waiting for my friends to arrive for lunch, and as I looked around I realised quite a few people were walking aimlessly with their heads down, glued to their phones, typing away and only stopped when they bumped into something or someone … is that how ridiculous I looked when I did the same?

Note to self: the phone needs to stay in the bag while walking!

Catch up with friends … not social media:
I was starving by the time my friends arrived and couldn’t wait to order. But wait, first we had to take a mandatory selfie of ourselves, then the food, post it on social media, and then keep track of all the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ it received. There was nothing more annoying than the sound of the phone beeping each time we tried to have a conversation …

Note to self: the phone needs to stay in the bag while lunching!

Think before you …. Google:
As we had lunch, we could not remember the name of a restaurant a friend had recommended … Instead of forcing ourselves to think, the phones were out again asking Google to do that instead! I know it is extremely annoying when we can’t remember something but we can at least try and give the brain a chance before Google …

Note to self: the phone needs to stay in the bag while thinking! 

Lets watch a movie … on the big screen: 
The plan was to watch a movie next, and just as the final ad had played about keeping mobile phones on silent, it only seemed to have reminded a few that they had not checked their phones in the last few minutes! Nothing more annoying than bright phone screens in a cinema, followed by the occasional ‘what did I miss?’ as texting got in the way!

Note to self: the phone needs to stay in the bag while watching a movie! 

Capture the moment ….. in your mind:
We decided to watch the fountain show before calling it a day .. though I have seen it many times before (can never get bored of it), this was perhaps the first time I had seen it for real and captured the moment in my mind and not my phone! There is so much more you get to see, when you do not just limit yourself to what the phone screen allows you to see …

Note to self: the phone needs to stay in the bag to capture a real moment!

Now that I am back home and have been re-united with my phone, am actually looking forward to going through all the messages, updates,blogs etc after a whole day instead of every 10 minutes or so … makes me value them a lot more!

Until the next post, you can now take your phone out of the bag and tell me about the phone habits that annoy you … 🙂

43 thoughts on “Annoying phone habits

  1. What a great post and you are so right. I hate when I go to a restaurant and everyone around the table is busy on their phone. It seems no one talks anymore and for someone who can remember the days before mobile phones, that always strikes me as really sad.

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  2. the smart phone is quite possibly the most annoying piece of technology ever created. mine broke back in May of 2012 and i never replaced it (i boast). i felt like it was interfering with my relationship with my daughter, and i wanted to be present with her, not looking at my phone 24/7. it’s made me especially aware of how often and how heavily other people rely on their cell phones. i still manage to survive. everyday i breathe and live and still have meaningful relationships without it. thanks for your post!!

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    1. No phone since 2012? You must live a very balanced and happy life then … I still can’t believe how free I felt without a phone … time to make up for the lost precious times by being glued to a phone now .. thank you for your comment 🙂 …

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      1. Awwww, that is so sweet!! You can do it too! I know people generally feel anxiety over communications lost without access to their cell phones, but take baby steps to lessen your attachment. I think most people will find that there are many real and present communications to be had when they ditch their phones. 📵🤗 Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment too!!!!!!

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      2. You know what, I am actually going to try doing that. It makes sense to not let my phone ruin the real things happening around me.
        You might actually be the reason I end my phone addiction. Thanks! 💖

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  3. Phones are pretty irritating to be honest. I have days when I keep it in the other room and refuse to look at it even.
    But then I also have days when I spent hours and hours on the little device.

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  4. Wowwwww I truly enjoyed reading this article ON MY PHONE 😉….but jokes aside absolutely enjoyed every bit and how true and annoying but I am part of the club too sadly.

    The other day I noticed ppl browsing their phone while crossing the road and then a video about a daughter who was going to meet her mum and got in an accident while texting in the car. I myself am guilty of doing both and this gave me a reality check plus your article hopefully will be good reminder now everytime I touch my phone 😊.

    Well done!!! Cant wait to see what pops next from the pretty head of yours 😘

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  5. Great observations. I, for one, and seriously addicted to my phone and am guilty of all the above…makes me think I need to challenge myself to leave the phone at home “by accident” one day. 🙂

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  6. I think mobile phone etiquette is catching on a bit but it’s still not going to stop the pandemic of rampaging narcissism (endless self-adoring Selfies) and the lack of self-awareness (yelling into your phone on a bus so everyone can hear) these little devices have brought about.

    I do love my iPhone, but there’s a time and a place to use it. I refuse to answer it in public, it’s switched off when I see friends, and I (SHOCK) leave it at home regularly on purpose. Ain’t I cool? No. No, I’m not.

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  7. You are very right on all points! I do get the frustration as well when I am taking a photo or a video of something and all along I’m just watching it from the small screen of my phone, it’s pathetic. Lol.

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  8. I love this – could not agree with this more! I’m always the one not looking at my phone it can be so annoying when people don’t do the same!

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  9. Loved this post. I’ll have to have my daughter read it, as she’s the one with the smart phone. I still use the old fashioned slider so no 4G or anything like that for me. I refuse to bog myself down with it. They become more of a tether than anything. Of course I am still better than my Husband who refuses to even have a cell phone of his own. You’d think we were super old or something, but we’re in our late 40’s and mid 50’s. I guess we just act old and out of date, but sometimes that can be a good thing.
    Even though I don’t have a smart phone though I can certainly relate. Whenever I go out with my daughter it’s like I have to fight for her attention. The phone is permanently affixed to her hand and everything we say or do gets texted, posted, or something immediately. I swear it’s like there’s a bunch of other people along with us for the ride. I especially like the fact that she’s in constant contact with her boyfriend. I wonder how he would feel if she texted or messaged me throughout their dates? I’ll have to bring that one up. I’m going to have to demand some equal time.

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    1. Wow! You must feel pretty balanced to be in between a phone addict and someone who has ditched it completely 🙂 …. I know, we make ourselves sound so old just by suggesting putting a phone to minimal use! Hehe .. Thank you for the detailed reply .. enjoyed reading it … 🙂

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  10. Love this! I am absolutely “addicted to phone” as my husband likes to call it. But in the last six months or so, I have really started to “look up” and put the phone away and leave it away. In fact, I don’t even freak out anymore when I forget it somewhere, or the battery dies (as long as I’m not alone on some long drive, that is! Haha). But anyway, it really makes you notice how into phones people are. We were driving in the city just Sunday and we drove by a gorgeous park filled with people, and a healthy percentage were staring down at their phones. It actually made me even more aware of my tendency to overuse. Great post!

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    1. Ughh, husbands seem to love saying that as mine says the same … just that they don’t realise they are the same! Lol … my phone habits have improved considerably too … Such a shame when people use it in parks or anywhere outdoors though …. thank you for dropping by 🙂


  11. I was addicted to my phone. In some ways it felt like my best friend. This was because as a new widow I felt self conscious, lonely etc in public. It gave me something to do. However, fast forward as I have a new life and less need for a crutch. So, as a coping tool, it was fine. Now it is just a tool not unlike my laptop, etc.

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