Chick flick or Sci-fi?

When it comes to movies, my expectations are simple … it should be packed with emotion, laughter, romance and plenty of ‘Awww’ moments .. (Think I just explained chick flicks in a way that wont make guys flinch) .. My husband on the other hand loves anything action-packed (eyes rolling), sci-fi (yawn!) or even animated (Zzzzz) … Put our choices together and what do you get? No, not a movie … just a deal that you watch one of mine (and try hard not to fall asleep) and i’ll watch one of yours (with plenty of nachos to keep me entertained!!) Actually that’s not entirely true, as there is one movie we both enjoyed watching more than once … Deadpool! It didn’t go overboard with the action sequences, was funny and the ending definitely had me going ‘awwww’ 🙂 … They need to make more movies like that …

Our taste in tv series is a lot more similar though … the list includes House of Cards, Last Man on Earth, Ray Donovan, Silicon Valley .. and .. and … and not Game of Thrones! I’m afraid my husband is alone on that one .. though he tried endlessly to get me to watch it, he eventually gave up after he googled ‘How to get your wife to watch Game of Thrones’ and discovered it was a universal problem .. phew!

Coming back to movies, the last one we watched together was Captain America (not my choice), so now I need to pick a complete chick flick next to return the favour 😀 … can’t decide which one though. Me before You seems to be the obvious choice, but trouble is I’ve already read the book and loved it .. so am kinda doubtful the movie would have the same impact as the book … Always the case, isn’t it? I remember how much I loved reading P.S I Love You and Still Alice but both movies sadly lacked emotion for me in comparison … perhaps coz books describe it all so well, whereas movies need to follow a certain time-frame … Hmm, maybe I should give this one a miss …

*5 minutes later*

Just watched the trailer of Me before You … My husband already likes the fact it has the actress from (surprise surprise!) Game of Thrones … Looks like not much convincing would be needed to make him watch this one then! Better not tell him how this one ends … someone get the tissues out 😥 …

Until the next post, what kind of movies do you like to watch? Would love to hear your recommendations …


16 thoughts on “Chick flick or Sci-fi?

  1. I also do not watch game of thrones :D. honestly, it feels as though EVERYONE watches that show..but i just didn’t like it much.
    I actually love animated movies though. I’m really looking forward to finding dory :’) .

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