My Top 5 Cakes …

Hi, My name is Muna and I am a bake-a-holic! Most Friday afternoons you’ll find me in the kitchen baking up a sweet treat either for myself or my friends … Being an amateur baker, the list of baking experiments is endless .. some turn out great whereas some too painful to even speak about! So today I thought I’d share with you my very own ‘Top 5 Cakes’ that actually made it to the serving plate! 😀 ….

  1. Love is in the Air:
    The heart shape should say it all … This was a simple lemon-flavoured cake I baked for my husband last year … It was a tough call choosing between this one and the book cake I baked him once, but the simplicity about this one made it a winner  …unnamed-13
  2. Marshmallow Kit Kat Cake:
    This was a pink-themed cake I baked for  my friends daughters birthday party … It was incredibly hard not to pinch off a few marshmallows along the way, but had no choice! :)unnamed-15
  3. Smarties Cake:
    This one was for a friends dinner party … I can’t remember the last time I had smarties, but I sure made up for the lost time that day! 😀unnamed-12
  4. Healthy Chocolate Cake: 
    This cake was a challenge given to me by my friend for her birthday. The rule was it had to be healthy … so out went the refined sugar and butter and in came the apple sauce, mashed bananas and pure maple syrup as the perfect replacement for it. I was introduced to a whole new world of healthy ingredients for this one!
  5. Spiderman Cake
    Even spiderman was exhausted towards the end of this one! Haha … This was a request from my neighbour for her sons birthday party at school … The huge smile I got from the birthday boy was priceless!11143409_348476875359237_8010413391646485589_n

So that sums up my ‘Top 5 Cakes’ … Let me know if you guys enjoyed this post, so that I can perhaps even do ‘Top 5 Cupcakes’ for another time …. your feedback is always appreciated! 🙂

Until the next post, *nom nom nom* …


42 thoughts on “My Top 5 Cakes …

      1. Hahaha. i didnt mea to offend spiderman.It’s just that the spiderman cake looks a bit more difficult to make than the others. And im nt a great baker you see. Though that spiderman cake was the finest one out of all the spiderman cakes that i have ever seen.

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  1. Oh why did I open this one to welcome you to Pensitivity101? These cakes look scrumptious, especially the healthy chocolate one which I almost licked off the screen! I don’t bake now, but do cook (queen of the two pan dinners). Thanks for the follow. Hope you find things of interest and drop in a comment or two!

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  2. You make me green with envy…I just happened to visit ur blog and opened this post first. When you called yourself ‘amateur’ I was expecting some average cakes. But these????How can you have the heart to cut and eat them? It is a crime to eat them woman! They ought to b exhibited in the show-cases. Such wonder cakes!!! (Sigh…)

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