Growing up

Isn’t it funny how, as kids, we can’t wait to grow up…and then when we are grown ups, we miss our childhood days! In case you’re wondering why I’m so nostalgic today, I have just returned from a mini break which consisted of being spoilt rotten by my family. Today’s post was drafted in my mind the minute I sat down with my parents and took a trip down memory lane … I couldn’t help but smirk at how things/habits change over the years…


  • Eating habits change from ‘Ewww, what’s this colourful stuff on my plate (veggies)’ to ‘Can you pass me the salad please?’ Can’t seem to get enough of greens now …
  • Our sense of dressing definitely changes for the better. You are ready to give up wearing black all the time and opt for a more colourful wardrobe instead.
  • Getting ready was so much easier before … just tie a pony, wear sneakers and you’re good to go. Now make up,hair straightener, matching accessories and choice of heels stand in the way!
  • Your perception of characters change. My sister & I are known as the Tom & Jerry of the family. As kids, both of us wanted to be Jerry as he seemed like the clever one. But now, both of us want to be Tom as Jerry seems more of a bully! 😀
  • Waking up at noon was considered cool. But now it’s depressing to wake up late because it feels like you have wasted half the day!
  • Your taste in music goes from ‘Boom Shake Shake Shake the Room’ to ‘All By Myyyseeeelf’ … Haha ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration … but taste in music does change a tad!
  • As kids, we are embarrassed to hear ‘I love you/miss you’ from our parents in public. As grown ups, we are offended if we don’t hear it from them all the time … we all want to be their favourite one now! 😀 …

Ahh, the good l’days! Time to tune back into reality now and catch up on all my favourite blogs that i’ve missed out on this past week 🙂 By the way, do you have any habits that have changed over the years? C’mon spill it out … I could use a laugh right now …

Until the next post, let your parents know today, how much you love them! 🙂







13 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. I absolutely love this! as you get older, your perception of character DEFINITELY changes; traits i used to find funny or enviable in people i now think “wow, you’re a dick” …. i never really thought about it until you pointed it out!

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  2. When I was a kid I hated it when my parents forced me to take a nap, when I grew older and started working – I wished my boss gave me some nap time. Also as a kid, I hated it when I get clothes for presents now I hope all my presents are clothes! :p


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