Cringe-worthy moments …

While I do tend to appreciate all the good things in life, some days are just less positive than others … Today seems to be one of those days and therefore the perfect time to write about things that make me cringe! Besides, one of the most common blogging tip seems to be to just write what you feel … and that is exactly what I’m going to do today .. So let the rant begin …


Things that make me cringe ….

  • When you’ve just settled for a healthy salad, and see someone taking a bite into a big fat juicy burger! … *kill me right now*
  • When the car in front is not really following the rules of the road, and the general assumption is ‘must be a female driver’ … *eye roll*
  • Getting all comfy on the couch with a nice cup of tea and then realising you forgot to add sugar! … *why,why,why!*
  • When you’ve just gotten done washing the dishes, only to walk into a room and discover someone left a plate behind! … *deadly stare at the person responsible*
  • The unnecessary shortcut words such as ‘K’ instead of ‘ok’… *Oh oh!*
  • The microwave reminder beeping every few seconds until you take whatever is in there, out! … *Aaaaarghhh! I heard you the first time!*
  • When you’ve laughed at someone’s joke and they feel obliged to repeat it over and over again! … *hahaha … boohoohoo*
  • People who badmouth others behind their back and then act as bff’s when together … *I mean seriously?*
  • All those TV ads with women beaming while cooking or kneading dough … *I have yet to smile while doing either*
  • When given a map to follow directions …period! …*I’m better off walking with my eyes closed*

I guess we are all human and allowed to cringe once in a while … Rant over! I know I will feel ridiculous when I read this on a good day 😀 … Join me by telling me about the things that make you cringe …

Until the next post, let’s keep the cringing lighthearted! 🙂


31 thoughts on “Cringe-worthy moments …

  1. When I pack something and after strapping someone tells, “You left it to pack.” So calmly.
    And I’m like, “Oh good! Thanks for telling me…….after I have finished packing.”

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      1. Sound of a dripping tap, when people don’t use their indicators whilst driving and when people leave the milk out of the fridge…it’s just sitting there going tepid. Ew. And I sure am, it’s much less hassle! x

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  2. Lolll😂😂😂….this was definitely worth a good laugh, loved your list💕. Microwave definitely gets to me too…aaarghh!!! plus my husband, loll nooooo just kidding (better be anonymous now👀), the couch thing kinda happens to me too but I am on my bed all snuggled up with my tablet ready to marathon my kdramas and I realise that the battery’s run out and I have to plug it to the charger 😣…and last (actually I do have lots more cringe worthy moments…but this will be last in this list😉) but not the least is the MEGA cringe which comes when I am all set to have my lunch/dinner and I get a call from my younger one thar they need to go to the loo….yikes!!aaarghhh!!!!!
    Guess…my rants over too!!! Phewww, was cringing the whole time😅😂

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    1. Haha! I was once at a party at my in-laws and a lil girl was finishing up every tiny bit of ice cream left in her bowl … My husbands Grandma had been watching for the longest time and finally went “there is more ice cream out there … go get yourself a new one!” … It was too funny!


  3. Loved the list and know the feeling about the dished- so annoying.
    It drives me crazy when people asks if they can have a taste of my food (or drink) and they just eat 3/4 of it. Makes me go all “Agrrrrh really dude? Just buy one yourself” When it comes to food- It’s serious :’D 😛

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