Farewell lazy days …

And I’m back! Sorry about the disappearing act, but to be honest, don’t know where the last few weeks have gone … Well, I kinda do … First, I had visitors in town so was busy playing host, and then we flew away for the weekend for a family reunion (wish I could freeze time!) .. but those are just excuses … the real truth is I slipped into lazy mode …. Been trying to snap out of it ever since and have vowed every night to be more active the next day .. and then tomorrow turned into tomorrow and so forth .. you know the drill! Determined to bounce back, I decided to blog about it, as I knew that would force me to spend the day more productively, as lets face it, we all like to sound good on the blog .. hehe! But not just that, instead of posting it right away, I actually spent a day following my own advice to see if it actually made any difference … Happy to report, I am back with a bang and hope this post will be somewhat useful to help you make the most of your day too!



You are what you eat: To begin your day feeling energised you need to have a proper breakfast without a long delay as otherwise your body goes into starvation mode. Try to make it as healthy as possible and cut down on sugary food.

Task status: Check! Gave up on french toast with maple syrup today and settled for fried egg, toast, fruit and a cup of tea instead … feeling full but not heavy!

Jammies are the real culprit: Make it a point not to stay in your night suit in the morning and slip into something a bit more smart casual. Doing so will lift your mood considerably and make you want to get on with your day rather than going back to bed.

Task status: Check! As a result of doing this, I was not tempted to walk from the bed to the TV couch and probably fall asleep again.

Morning Workout: Your daily routine should at least include a 20 minutes workout on a daily basis. The advantage of doing this in the morning is it leaves you feeling more alert and focused throughout the day. You will also find yourself being more disciplined with what you eat as a result of it. Whether you choose to do a light workout or dance to a radio song at full volume, do what you have to for those muscles to work and calories to burn!

Task status: Check! This was a bit of a struggle after a month long gap … not sure about the discipline bit though, as I could use a chocolate croissant and caramel frappucino right now … Oops! Have resisted so far, but can’t promise about later!

Organise your day: Don’t let the day decide how it will go, instead assign yourself at least three tasks (could be more) to complete throughout the day. The tasks do not have to be big and can be something as simple as doing the laundry (depending on how long you left it for .. lol). But make sure to at least include one task that you enjoy doing, and one that would get you to step out of the house. You will feel a great sense of achievement at the end of the day just by looking at all the ticks on your to-do list.

Task status: Check! Check! Check! Ooooo am loving this one! My tasks for the day included blogging, baking a cake for a friend and going for a flat viewing! Can’t believe I was wasting so much time before …

Bury the TV remote: If you grab the TV remote in the morning, then chances are you’ll be in the very same spot a few hours later watching a re-run of your favourite show. Best to save the telly for evening time because the TV can wait, but your day can’t!

Task status: Check! Ohh Emm Gee, this is exactly where my mornings were going the past few days … no wonder I was not getting much done!

Take a power nap: If at any point you start to feel dull or low on energy, don’t force yourself but just take a power nap instead as that will help you re-energise. Just make sure it does not turn into an afternoon snooze .. hehe ..

Task status: Fail! I set my alarm for a 10 minute power nap and ended up sleeping for an entire hour … feeling blah now .. hmm, maybe I should have that chocolate croissant after all … or should I? I guess you do end up more disciplined after a morning workout …. 

I guess it all really comes down to time management .. and as long as you learn to keep a balance in your life then it is bound to be productive! As for now, I am certainly feeling good as the lazy days seem to be behind me now ….

Until the next post, sending positive vibes your way! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Farewell lazy days …

  1. So easy to slip into a bad routine. Maggie ensures we don’t. Up 7-8 am to take her out, back to boat, breakfast, quick blog/email check, housework, back out for shop or second walk, back to boat, dinner, tidy up, cup of much needed tea (or three), walk dog, back to boat, evening relaxation either blog, play scrabble/cribbage, or watch film, walk dog, bed.
    On busy days, we do the laundry, fill the water tank, empty the loo cassette, wash the boat, or even take her out for a putter.
    note: we gave up the TV ten years ago, so no remote to hide!

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      1. Have to be honest, there wasn’t much on of interest to us anyway……. most of the films new to TV we already had on DVD or video, we weren’t into sport, soaps or reality TV, and nature programmes were so few and far between, we’d rather go out for a drive!

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  2. I usually run away the first chance I get when I see that advice is coming my way. But these were really practical. Surprisingly realistic. Kind of makes me want to try, you know. lemme see… I particularly liked the three tasks a day. Good one!

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  3. Oh wow!!!…absolutely loved this. I like it when things get broken down sort of like bullet points, it makes more sense and stays with you longer. This articles definitely a winner and you are correct on all counts, I always groan at the thought of stepping out of the house, its the PJs(they are just so comfy!;)) but once I am out I feel top of the world 😀 and the energy is fantastic!!!

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    1. Thank you Saima! Getting out of your pj’s is the trick indeed … And you’re right, it always feels better after stepping out even if just for the groceries 🙂 … Am so glad you found it useful and could relate to it 🙂


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