So near yet so far

When you’re married and so used to living with someone, it can seem like a bit of a challenge when the other is away and you’re left on your own. Whenever my husband says he has to travel, my first happy thought is ‘I don’t have to cook!’ …. but that’s just about where it ends too. There is far too much to miss about your partner while he is away …


  • Having the entire bed and blanket to yourself is actually going to give you a sleepless night. Falling asleep after conveniently snatching the blanket from your other half is far more satisfying …..
  • The TV remote will be all yours for the next few days … but watching your favourite programme is no fun when there is nobody listening to your running commentary through the show …
  • You will forever be on high alert should there be any unexpected sound at night … and if that happens to be you snoring, then now you know it was you this whole time .. so stop blaming your other half …
  • You will find yourself listening to his favourite songs although you would not be caught dead doing that in his presence ….
  • There will be no one to save you should there be an insect around the house .. and if it is the sort that can fly too, then say your final wish! My husband had to rush back from the office once after I locked myself up in the kitchen upon discovering a big black thing flying in the living room … He insists to date that it was just a fly .. I refuse to believe him!
  • You’ll laugh over something funny, and then instantly wish he was there to enjoy the moment with you …
  • Of course catching up with your friends is going to be loads of fun … but coming back home and nobody to share your day’s details with is no fun … even if he only pretends to listen and nod …
  • You love being independent but also miss the instructions given such as ‘drive carefully’ or ‘don’t get too adventurous’ which make you feel quite loved …

I guess you will never appreciate the importance of the other person in your life until you get to spend some time apart … After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder ….

What do you miss the most about your partner while he/she is away?

Until the next post, I don’t have to cook! 😀

16 thoughts on “So near yet so far

  1. My husband was out of town one night last week and I didn’t sleep well, even though I was looking forward to no snoring. I realized that I’ve probably been blaming my husband for some of the dog’s snoring! I’m not sure what I missed about him the most but I am so glad it was only for one night.

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  2. Very well written. Your post seemed to put a smile on my face…it’s something how I feel…well when we’re away we definitely miss each other…but we don’t need to be away to realize the importance of the other half…coz even when he’s at work I miss him and waiting for him to get home asap😝

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    1. Thank you Zoha … I think being at work is not the same thing, as usually one has their own routine to go through while the other is at work … But evening times are meant to be together and that’s why I think one feels it the most while the other is away overnight … At least I do! 🙂


  3. In all our time together, apart from my two months visiting my brother in NZ, hospital stays an, Hubby visiting a friend in Chechoslavakia, we have spent little time apart. Both of us feel like fish out of water on our own, though we function pretty well, doing all the proper things, yes, even cooking. Whhilst it is nice to have some Me Time, I’m glad to have him to snuggle up to at night.

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  4. This one time I was living alone (which I hate) and had to kill and flush a scary-ass cockroach. It was late at night so I couldn’t call a neighbour or the security guard from downstairs. That seriously was the only time I considered getting married so someone could come save me :/

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  5. Reading this made me feel bad about myself. I do love having the greek mister around of course but I also enjoy those moments of being alone. I sleep better though when he’s around because I’m generally scared of sleeping by myself. Lol.

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