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I had written a post about ‘Fitness Goals‘ in the past which was quite appreciated by many of you (thank you!) .. But I somehow seem to have slipped out of those same healthy habits I so proudly boasted about back then .. Let’s see, I can blame the hot summer, traveling, entertaining guests etc … But those are just excuses, because where there’s a will there’s a way! Now that I have taken care of the last cookie left in the jar (I made it a point to finish it in a hundred bites as opposed to the usual 2 or 3 .. Lol!) I think it’s time to start thinking healthy again … Turns out I am great in following my own advice if I blog about it … So time to make a top 5 list of what has worked in the past to help me jump back on the fitness trail again!


Out of Sight, Out of Mind:
Getting rid of all the junk food lying around the house helps considerably .. If I see it lying around the house, then I will be tempted to eat it regardless of whether I’m hungry or not! So why even put myself in that position? So long junk food … You’ll be missed! 😦

Sweet Cravings:
Fruit needs to become the replacement for those sweet cravings … It might not taste as decadent as a bar of Galaxy right after lunch, but it does satisfy those cravings nonetheless and is good for everyone! Chopped fruit is also a great subsitute for sugar in cereals … Just saying! πŸ™‚

Water intake needs to increase … I used to be horrible with drinking water before (my tea addiction might have had a lot to do with it) but now I realize that not only is it good for the skin, it also leaves you feeling full as a result of which you consume less calories … No more second helping required, thank you very much! πŸ˜‰

Mood Swings:
Cutting down on caffeinated drinks can be a tough one especially as it has a major effect on the mood. But then it is bad if consumed in large amounts … So instead of giving up on it entirely I tend to just reduce the amount. So where in the past I had up to 4 – 5 cups of tea in a day, I now have just 2. Almost feels like a small reward for being good (kinda) the rest of the day!

Go ahead, snooze:
Being sleep deprived is no good as it simply means less focus and lower energy levels too … Comfort food seems like a welcome option too when I’m feeling blah! However, going to bed early and getting a proper night’s rest leaves one feeling less stressed, more energised and full of determination. Although it might feel like going back to school again, but it really helps to get that bedtime sorted.

Most of these tips may seem pretty obvious but it’s funny how we tend to overlook them in our daily lives and then wonder where we are going wrong … Easier said than done? Wish me luck! For now, I am off to shop for more fruit and vegetables… Hope there are no special offers on cookies and doritos today! πŸ˜€ …

Until the next post, let’s keep it strictly lighthearted! πŸ™‚






28 thoughts on “Healthy Habits

  1. Out of sight, out of mind is good strategy. I tend NOT to buy the biscuits, chocolate and cakes, but Hubby likes them sometimes so it is a great test of my will power. Meringue nests and fresh fruit are a terrific way to satisfy my sweet tooth. Crumble the meringue up with a gingernut biscuit for added oomph for just five SW syns. Happy healthy eating!

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  2. Thanks for this! I am also trying to be healthy and you are quite an inspiration! I didn’t notice any fitness goals though…or is it for another set of goals? Well, I’ll be checking you out again! Hope you stick with your goals this time. πŸ™‚ I’m crossing my fingers I do the same as well

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  3. Know that feeling of just eating because well it is there.
    Need to keep the unhealthy stuff out of the way and put in some healthy stuff instead. As long as i have enough fruit, vegetables and nuts in my house- I’ll be ok (hopefully)
    Great post and nice tips πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I’m guilty of shopping with a basket even when doing monthly groceries and regret it towards the end when I’m unable to carry the basket to the cashier .. Haha! Thank you for sharing the link to your post .. Will pop over and have a look now πŸ™‚ …


  4. I like to keep myself to the 80/20 rule.
    It doesn’t have to be a complete no-no to eat sweets. After all, you’re living a healthy lifestyle, not punishing yourself.
    My experience was that if I depraved myself of treat that I would splurge the second I found myself eating 1. The 80/20 rule makes it so much easier to keep up the healthy part.

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  5. Ugh! sweet cravings… that’s a big one for me! I’ve started to use fruits in my cereals as a sugar replacement like you said but it’s hard for me to find that chocolate sensation after a meal by using fruit… Someday i’ll get there! Thanks for the tips.

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    1. Aww I know how you feel … first few days are always the hardest but just think about the ultimate goal and it will help keep you motivated πŸ™‚ And since I have been so lazy to reply after so many days (sorry) would love to know how you got on .. still craving chocolate??


  6. All your points are valid. In fact, we are in the middle of no-sugar and no-simple carbohydrate month. Actually, I have been a healthy eater for a while but that meant more of homemade food even if that meant fried stuff. We were eating too many cakes, cookies, etc though all homemade. The husband decided to take this challenge and I was happy to join him. I just put about half a teaspoon of jaggery in my coffee. I do take a spoon of desserts like carrot halwa here and there but that’s rare. We cook veggies in one teaspoon oil. We don’t even crave eating out or eating sweet things. I have a sweet tooth but I’m doing remarkably well. You can always munch on dried fruits when you have sugar cravings.

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    1. I always love that feeling of zero sweet craving once into the healthy eating routine .. in fact it always leaves me astonished how I consumed that much sugar in the first place! It was really nice to hear your side of the story and am so glad it is all working out well for you .. always helps when everyone in the house follows the same regime! Been working on less oil in food these days and your comment has motivated me even more … although I am craving some gajar ka halwa now .. mmmm 😁

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