Men vs Women …

While there are many hilarious jokes about ‘Men vs Women’ this one has to be my most favourite …. Saw this on Facebook and it was worth a share! Certainly true in my case! Here are five ways in which I have been able to relate to this in this month itself … Speaking of which, OMG are we into October already? Where has the year gone? See how the mood just shifted in a matter of one sentence? πŸ˜‰

man vs woman

Text Messaging:
Me: No matter how hard I try, I can never keep my messages short … I always tend to keep it long and detailed which is immensely satisfying but then I dislike nothing more than just a one-worded reply in response to my essay!
Him: Yup, Nope, Sure, Ok, Np …. !!!

Buying a new car:
Me:Β It has to be the right shade of red (this process in itself is never-ending), look like a ladies car (am told there is no such thing anymore) and I need to look good in it … *Several test drives later* ‘do you have a shade lighter in this?’ *face palm*
Him: If the engine is powerful … lets buy it!

Finding a new place:
Me: Lets see, all I really want is a spacious and bright place with a good view and a separate kitchen and powder room and of course more storage and and and … In fact the image above perfectly describes my feelings when I go to view a flat these days ….
Him: If there are no leaks or cracks, and finishing is good …. lets sign the deal!

Me: I always start off excited thinking about which outfits to pack in advance, am mighty pleased when I get it done in a day, yet still wake up in the middle of the night worried I have forgotten to pack something …. *sigh*
Him: Starts to pack just an hour before … off we go!

Me: Finding the right haircut is always confusing, followed by the delight of actually getting one, and the wide grin when it is all done and looks great … But of course disappointment sets in the next day as soon as I blowdry my hair myself and it looks the same as before … *How much did I pay for this again?*
Him: Need a trim .. chop chop .. proceed to payment counter!

Hmmm, what can I say …. at least I make my day more exciting in a way! Or perhaps it would be easier to think like a man but act like a woman! Haha …

Until the next post, lets keep it Strictly Lighthearted! πŸ™‚

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