Let it go …

Life can be really stressful as adults and in our bid to accomplish big dreams we often tend to forget it is in fact the little things in life that truly matter … Woke up today feeling blah so gave myself two choices .. Either to let the feeling drag the entire day OR to note down the things that gave me a reason to smile today … Chose to do the latter and am grateful for it coz it made me realize how our day shapes up really is in our own hands …


  • Discovered some forgotten cash in my pocket .. The previous weeks expenses feel non-existent now as does the guilt … 
  • Was busy running chores but the pedometer app suddenly buzzed to say I had reached 50% of my daily target .. And it wasn’t even lunch time yet … Yay!
  • Went shopping for jeans and the sales assistant ‘suggested’ I was a size smaller than I actually was … Good thing I didn’t like the style and got away with trying it on … 
  • Managed to say ‘no thank you’ to an irresistible looking cupcake and walked away … Made a mental note to return there when opportunity strikes again … 
  • When it was the much-awaited ‘Harvey Specter’ time on tv … If you watch ‘Suits’ then you’ll know exactly what I mean … Wink wink!
  • When my real-life Harvey Specter returned home early from work … ❤ ❤
  • When the radio suddenly played a song from my teens and I made it a point to sing it out loud regardless of being in a crowded place … ‘Backstreets back alright!’
  • Managed to reverse park my car in one go … As opposed to the usual numerous attempts!
  • Saw some kids play one of my childhood games and remembered the good ol’days … ‘Duck Duck Goose’ anyone? 
  • Sleeping in clean fresh ironed sheets …. Makes you wanna take a nap now doesn’t it?  :D

The list can be never-ending if we really take out some time to stop worrying and just appreciate and enjoy the little things in life … So on that positive note, time to share your happy moment of the day with me?

Until the next post, let’s keep it Strictly Lighthearted! 🙂

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