You will be missed …

Meet my cat Buddy … Actually it is unfair of me to call him mine, as my mum is the one who took proper care of him, while I just did the cuddling bit. Unfortunately, Buddy passed away at the start of the year. But he lived a wonderful life of 17 years and filled our house with joy! So today’s post is dedicated to Buddy .. If you are a pet lover then you will be able to associate with this post. But even if you aren’t, then read on anyway and you might just be able to understand one a bit more 🙂 ….

Let’s rewind a little bit first … I was never fond of cats as a teenager. When I first heard my mum was thinking of getting one, my first response was “It’s either me or the cat!” .. She’d always smile to that remark and say “We will miss you!” .. LOL ..  I still remember it was on the way back from school when we had to stop somewhere to see cats. I obviously wasn’t the happiest at first but things changed drastically when I actually saw Buddy. All I could see was an adorable huge furr ball and I knew just then we had to take him home (much to my Mum’s relief)!

Buddy insisting on being a part of my Sister’s surprise birthday celebration!

Buddy soon became an important member of the family … And he pretty much considered himself to be one too as he proved time and again. If all of us would be sitting together, then Buddy made it a point to squeeze himself between us on the couch and be a part of the family gathering … Whenever my parents faced a health scare, Buddy would never leave their side until they got better … How pets manage to sense these things always amazes me! Of course he had a funny side to him as well .. He hated bath time (as most cats) and in his attempt to escape it, he would always hide behind the curtain but never figured out his tail needed to hide too!  Haha, that used to be a hilarious sight! He always ditched his cat food and was more interested in McDonald’s fries or an omelette (he had his way sometimes) .. Every time one of us would be travelling and had our suitcase out, Buddy would always go and sit inside it and make a funny expression as if to say ‘Take me with you .. pretty please!’ 🙂 … Oh and lets not even get started on his love for football!

Buddy supervising and making sure the work was done properly 🙂 …

It’s all just memories now though! I still can’t believe he is gone, but I guess the most important part is he lived a full and happy life … And that is exactly how I choose to remember him, which is why I just spoke of the happy times and did not go into the emotional side of losing a pet in this post …

Thank you for all the wonderful memories Buddy! You are missed every day ….





19 thoughts on “You will be missed …

  1. Aww buddy is one adorable munchkin, may he rest in peace! Thank you so much for sharing! All the pictures made me emotional but at the same time made me go awww. Stay strong lovely. Sending lots of love 💜 xx

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    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful words .. means a lot! I was double minded about sharing this post initially, but then realised I owed Buddy at least that much for all the times he has made us laugh so much! Do you have any pets?

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      1. Oh I totally understand, it’s surely emotional and at the same time fulfilling to know so much of quality time was spent together. I don’t have any pets unfortunately but keep getting these little kittens around my house and have become so attached to them. So I totally understand the emotions and how it must feel like ☺️ xx

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      2. You’re very welcome lovely, thank you so much for sharing.. you have a lovely day! 💜 p.s we better keep each other in check so we don’t go overboard with our spending! 😁 xx

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      1. I’m glad the world of blogging did not exist back then either (i think?) … My Mum would have had so much to say about me otherwise … Just as you do about your’s on your blog 🙂


  2. What a beautiful way of remembering buddy!😌 Cherishing the memories and accepting the inevitable…I read the entire thing with a smile…RIP furball!

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