Game of Frowns …

I’ve got two seasons coming to my house next month and I’m not thrilled about either!

‘Summer is coming’ which means bad hair days will be a frequent sight. But that is still something I can tackle … It is the other season I have bigger issues with …

‘Winter is coming’ that too in April! If you did not understand what that meant, then consider yourself to be in ‘Team Wifey’ … However, if that put a huge grin on your face then unfortunately you are a part of ‘Team Husband’ … Still dunno what I am on about? Lets kill the suspense then shall we?

I’m referring to Game of Thrones …. For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones and couldn’t be more excited about the new season that starts next month … Last weekend, he watched the entire previous season and I kid you not he heard at least 5 different versions of the music theme the other day … His biggest challenge to date has been to get me hooked to the series .. He even googled ‘How to get your wife to watch GoT’ but then realised it was a universal problem as a lot of men had already asked google the same *Woohoo!* …

I did give him a small ray of hope during his tv binge last weekend as I stopped to watch an ongoing scene for a few minutes (the longest I have ever watched any episode from it) .. All I was really looking at was the lead actress Emilia Clarke/Mother of Dragons eyebrows (I just had to WhatsApp my husband to ask what her name was .. he will probably be hopeful again) as I had watched a show on ‘tinted eyebrows’ the other day!

I do feel bad at times coz he is so convinced I will like the show, but then I am equally convinced it just isn’t my cup of tea! Speaking of which, I told him I’ll watch one whole episode if he makes me a cup of tea … He was willing to do that if I watched the entire season, so I just made my own cuppa!

Now the million dollar question is, is the show actually worth watching? My favourite top 5 series so far include Suits, House of Cards, Veep, Silicon Valley, and Episodes. To me, it is fairly obvious GoT won’t score so high on my list, but if ‘Team Husband’ gets more votes then you my word, I will watch the entire series! Go on then, whose team are you on?


Update on Verdict: Okay, you GoT me convinced! I am done watching all 6 seasons now and you can read about my verdict here …. 🙂

Until the next post, Let’s keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

31 thoughts on “Game of Frowns …

  1. I know this might be a shock statement but I haven’t watched a single episode of Game of Thrones either. Out of curiosity I googled what it was about once but never got around to watching it. I thought there were too many plot and twists to understand it and I’m too far behind to catch up. I am on Team Wifey’s side…..

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    1. What is your favorit treat? Lets say it’s chocolate for the sake of argument. So if you have never tried chocolate you would say, “What is the point of trying it, it’s probably bad?” You would be missing out on a lot! Therefor isn’t logical to say the same about GoT? You can’t judge something if you havent tried it.

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      1. Oh God! So you are ‘Team Husband’ then … yikes! In my defence though, I have sat on the very same couch (but on my phone) while GoT was being watched … but I just did not develop an interest! It was the same case with House of Cards but I was hooked! My husband will love your theory though … Trust you to give me an example of chocolate! 😁😂😁


  2. Game of throwns is a constant topic in my household .. husband and brothers are carzy about it, but i couldnt get my self hooked … tried watching it but maximum i could go was 10 minutes, sorry too complicated … have remained in team wifey all along, in fact feel like ” team aunty” sometime honestly

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    1. Hahaha you have given this topic a whole new dimension by saying ‘Team Aunty’ … Lololol … Don’t tell your husband and brothers about my blog please! Team Wifey is currently leading and I don’t want that to chAnge 😁😁


  3. Team Husband! It’s so weird, it was the other way around for me, my girl best friend spent years trying to get me to watch it. But I am SO glad I did, because it immediately became my favorite TV show of all time, and I was so surprised because at first it did not feel like my cup of tea at all. Definitely give it a try, most people love it, and emmy awards don’t lie 😉
    Though I have some devastating news for your husband… the new season doesn’t start until the 16th of July! 😦

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    1. Oh wow! That is weird yet funny too 😁 .. I’m quite surprised by your review as you seem to have initially thought the exact same as me but then became a huge fan in the end! Perhaps I have been missing on a great series afterall …. I dunno what my husband would be more shocked about, the new season being in July or me suddenly saying lets watch GoT 😁 … Thanks for the review 🙂

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  4. Huge GoT fan here! Huge! Did I mention huge?!! So, my vote is to watch it. Did you not get hooked after the first season? Both husband and I watch it at our house, and we are both fans. In fact I hosted a GoT theme party for our friends (also fans of the show).
    I loved House of Cards as well, and watch Veep, Silicon Valley and Suits (eye candy there), but GoT is a totally different genre yet addictive.

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    1. No way .. that’s huuuge! 😁 To be honest, I never watched GoT properly but based on your review looks like I’ll be starting tomorrow! Tell me there is a guest appearance from Harvey Specter in it and I will start watching tonight .. Haha! But seriously, am quite surprised we like the same tv series, which means I gotta watch GoT now!

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  5. So I don’t watch the show. I had no idea what it was, then I randomly saw the book in the library (it is a series) and grabbed it – and the books are AMAZING. I’m on the second one. That being said, I don’t think I can handle watching the show because there are insane amount of violence in all forms and my sensitive little soul can read it but I cannot watch it! haha! So maybe just read the book so you can discuss it with him 😉


    1. Ahhhh, never thought about reading the book first! Wish you had suggested this 2 days ago when I started watching it! Heheh … But to be honest, the story is excellent. Just seen 4 episodes so far which in itself is a miracle .. Hehe … Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

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      1. I know right! I would’ve gone nuts had I watched it while being aired and waited so long to find out what happened next.

        Thanks so much for liking my blog!! Will have a look at yours today as well. 🤗


      2. I’m so sad there’s only 1 season left! It’s sooo good! I think when the show ends, I’ll be just as devastated as I was when Sons of Anarchy ended. I feel like I get sad when amazing shows finally end HAHA!

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      3. Hehe it’s hard to start a new series when you’re so addicted to a current one. Oh well, they might surprise us and announce another season and another and another …. and we all lived happily ever after! 🤣


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