You GoT Me Convinced …

Exactly a month ago, I had written a post about being anti – Game of Thrones despite my husband’s numerous attempts to get me to watch it. (Read Here if you missed that post). I promised if ‘Team Husband’ got more votes then I would watch the show. The inevitable happened .. I am now done watching all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones. It only seemed fair to write a post about the ‘transition’.

Let the show begin …. 

Episode 1: ok, at least the show has nice wolves and horses. *eyes closing*
Episode 4: why couldn’t they just invent mobile phones in their era to save me the trouble of watching this …. *eyes rolling*
Episode 9: OHHH EMMM GEEE!!! We have to watch the next episode right now …. *eyes popping*

And so the addiction began ….

I never thought I’d say this, but it is the best tv series I have seen. Sure, it has too much violence for my liking, but then the story is powerful and keeps you going. To say the show was full of twists would be an understatement. Everytime there was a shocking twist, I’d turn to look at my husband with a dropped jaw and he’d have a smirk on his face and say ‘Keep watching .. there’s more‘. I’d message my friend after each episode in shock and she’d reply ‘Keep watching .. there’s more!‘ That’s all that I kept hearing and omg were they right. I am so glad I started watching the show now as opposed to before, otherwise the Season 5 finale would have been the end of me. My heart goes out to all of you who waited a year to find out what happened next in Season 6.

There is so much I want to say about the show, but I find myself being very careful with this post as I do not want to give away any spoilers. Hear me out those of you who have given the show a miss saying it is not your cup of tea. I avoided it for the same reason, but could not have been more wrong. The story is so unpredictable it will take you by complete surprise. You will itch to watch the next episode …. and until you do, ‘You know nothing‘ (my favourite line from the show).

My best advice: Watch the show with someone who has already seen it and is a huge fan. I did the same, and it doubled the fun. Plus, it helped to have someone to warn me to ‘look away’ at the right time ….

My sincere advice: Do not have any favourite characters in the show to avoid disappointment …

And if you still need convincing then just take a look at that face and those curls! *You made it worth it Jon Snow*

Jon Snow

Think it’ll be a while now before I can start watching another tv series again. Let the countdown to Season 7 begin!

Until the next post, Let’s keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

38 thoughts on “You GoT Me Convinced …

  1. Hahahaha….loving the title!!! Lolll you have GoT me convinced too 😃👍…and yes “I know nothing!!!”.

    Will try and finish it all before season 7 airs do I can ooohh and aaaah and whyyyyy!!!!!??? along with everyone 😉

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    1. No, no watch it with him! Trust me you wont be disappointed. Just give it a few episodes initially and you’ll be hooked before you know it. It gets better with every season… Would love to hear what you thought of it afterwards …

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  2. Cool post. I can very much relate.
    I did it the hard way though. I said I did not want to watch the series till I had read the books, so I read 6,300 pages and did not like it.
    Then I watched the series and loved it.

    The story in the book is not that great. The series is seriously better. It’s more compact and the story keeps flowing.
    The books have about 4x more characters, battle scenes go on for 30 pages and more, characters are very different in the book (Jon Snow being only 16 and Tomen being 8 for example!) and the last book was a complete waste of time.

    If I could give one recommendation, it’d be, skip the books, watch the series instead. The story just is better.

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      1. Yes. 😛
        After reading the books for months I had a really tough time adjusting to the series though. The characters were so different from the books.

        And yes, 30 and plus pages of battle scenes. 🙄🙄🙄 a lot of times I really thought, the author just bobbles away just for the sake of writing. There were so many characters and scenes that did nothing for the story.
        Plus in the books he really goes into the lives and biographies and relationships of people. Gets kind of exhausting to read this about every single knight, stable boy, kitchen maid etc.

        The series is more compact and gets you going. 5 stars for the series, 2 stars for the books. (And that coming from somebody who loves to read.)

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      2. You will do her a favor. Also, without giving anything for others away, the last book goes 180 degrees another direction than the series. Nothing that happens in season 6 happens in the last book. It was a complete waste of time.

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      3. I have to disagree on the two stars for the books. They certainly do have many chapters that slowly move the story along, but he is a great writer and the story in the books is a better one. I like the characters that didn’t make the show like Jon Cunningham, Patchface, Illyrio Mopatis, Lady Stoneheart, and Quentyn Martell. Plus a lot of the scenes, especially when Dany rides the dragon for the first time, were even better in the books. Just my opinion, and I certainly respect yours. That’s what great about books!


  3. Hahaha 🙂 I don’t even watch Game of Thrones anymore and I feel like getting back into it again now 🙂
    The Jon Snow picture helped a bit!

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  4. Thank you for sharing. I have been trying to get my wife to watch and showed her your post. It worked. She is going to give it a shot and I know she will feel the same. I am a huge fan so she has that going for her too. I did double down on your point not to like any characters to much. Any character that gets built up on Game of Thrones only means they are sure to die. Glad you got on board while the series is still going. I know you feel sorry for those of us who have waited for season after season to come, but you will see that it only adds to your addiction!

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  5. I liked the GOT cycle.. story of every TV shows 🙂 I have been trying to watch this show for over a year now.. but everytime give up in middle of the first episode.. Maybe I should force myself to watch atleast 2-3 epi and then hopefully will get hooked to it

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    1. It took me 9 episodes to get hooked to this one! There was no looking back after that 😁 … Give it a try, and then read the cycle again … it’ll make you LOL for sure! 🙂 … Which other tv series have you watched? Am looking for a new one to watch now …


      1. I like grey’s anatomy and such types..Dr house, Castle, you know all those less complicated shows, I even watch the repeat re-runs :-). But this week have decided on mission GOT.. wish me luck 🙂

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