Simon says …. speak!

Hey psssst, why is it so quiet in here? Oh, that’s coz I’ve been giving you the silent treatment for the past couple of weeks. πŸ˜€ Am so sorry, I have this horrible habit of slipping into the ‘observant blogger’ mode where I just quietly take in whatever is going on around me and then just as my head is ready to burst with words, I make a comeback! Are we still friends? πŸ™‚ … The pressure to post something is on and so is the writers block! So I’m just going to let myself ramble a lot today. Just bear with me so I can have my comeback post out of the way, let the extra spring in my step return, have a cookie and feel useful and rehearse my speech for the Oscars. (if you did not know what #delusional meant then now you do).

There were talks of a reunion with school friends recently and just going through the ‘before and after’ pics made me chuckle. I find it amusing how our perception of people changes with time and age. In college, someone’s hairstyle and accent would have meant everything (bald was out and gelled hair was in back then!). In uni, one’s ambitious nature would have counted for a lot. And now, your sense of humour would put you wayyy up there on my list. Go on, crack a joke then :p …

My Niece flew overseas this week to pursue her studies. While everyone around her was giving valuable advice, the best I could come up with was ‘Make sure you always have enough toilet roll!’ (I know … #wtf). Just for the record, when my Nephew moved out 4 years ago, I did have better advice to give him: ‘Let me know her name! wink wink’ …  Couldn’t be more proud of my now-taller-than-me munchkins!

My cure to boredom has always been getting a haircut. Did that yesterday, and my hairdresser while referring to the static baby hair goes ‘Wow, you have natural wifi connection!’ I’m guessing he meant antenna but as I have always been the worst to understand jokes until much later, I actually LOL’d at the time and asked my sister to explain the joke to me afterwards. She has always wondered since childhood how I manage to laugh so much at the time if I never understood the joke in the first place …. (real talent, I tell you!).

I just realised I relate more to blogs that share personal pics coz it helps to understand who you are dealing with. Yet for some unknown reason this is something I have never done on my own blog! Now I’m sat here wondering if you think I’m an ancient dinosaur since I’m quite good in making myself sound like one at times? Hopefully the personal stories I share help you relate to me as a reader? Speaking of pics, are you following me on Instagram yet? When I’m at a loss for words here then I’m doing all the talking through pics there. Let’s stay connected?

There has been quite a bit of travelling involved in the last few weeks, which means the fitness regime has been on an all-time low. Looking to change that this week and head back to ‘Dubai Ladies Club’ to resume the fitness classes there. Looking forward to the sweet pain of the ‘Body Conditioning’ and ‘Fat Burner’ classes as my muscles make me recollect all the junk food consumed lately. #BringItOn …

Oh man, this is so not fair! Just when I was getting started here, it’s time to go and sort out dinner for tonight. Cooking always comes in the way when I’m having fun! 😦 . How some people find cooking ‘therapeutic’ is beyond me. But let’s save that topic for another time then shall we?

Until next time, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!’






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