Cooking is not for me!

I know hate is a strong word and one should never associate it with food, but I really don’t know how else to say this. I Hate Cooking. I know it is a wonderful skill to have and a lot of people find it relaxing. Unfortunately, it is a skill I lack and my luck does not seem to be getting better at it. While I enjoy baking immensely – it involves melted chocolate and all sorts of stuff that puts you on cloud nine – cooking comes nowhere near it. Let me explain why ….

  1. It is too time-consuming
    Let’s just say the days I do not have to cook are so much more productive. I honestly don’t mind all those trips to the grocery store, it’s figuring out what to cook that ends up taking so much time.  Then the day just gets frustrating ….

  2. Simple recipe? Errr, what’s that? 
    Once I’ve finally found a recipe and watched the tutorial on all the “simple” steps, I start to smile a little again. I’m gonna be just fine, it looked so easy! Newsflash: there is a major difference between ‘watching’ and ‘doing it yourself’. I possess a unique talent of turning the simplest of recipes into such a complicated mess, it’s not even funny! My reaction to all those cooking shows at the time …

    cooking 3
  3. Smoke alarm … 
    My cooking has gotten a bit better now, but there have been a few occasions when the smoke alarm has set off. *So now not only am I in a bad mood ..I am also almost deaf*. It is quite embarrassing when the guards then show up to ensure if all is ok, and I have to politely say “All good, just trying to cook, that’s all!” …

  4. Tattoo parlour
    Did I ever mention I have always wanted a tattoo but never been brave enough to get one? But it seems cooking has taken care of that for me too in the form of scars on the arm. It’s quite fun pointing ’em out saying ‘this one symbolises chocolate cake’ , ‘this one for curry on high heat’ …. Maybe I should just bubblewrap myself next time!

  5. Loss of appetite
    All is well that ends well! I do manage to pull it off and put an ‘edible’ meal on the table at the end of the day. But after the entire fiasco, do I really have much of an appetite left? Nope, am way too tired to eat by then! On the contrary, my appetite does double when eating food prepared by others. Lol!


The good news is I am no quitter. Though the struggle is real and I don’t think cooking is something I will ever enjoy doing, it does not stop me from ‘attempting’ to get better at it. It may mean more tears and burns but I’m hopeful I will learn to ‘like’ (now love seems like a strong word) it one day.

What keeps me going? The weekend, when it is all about either ordering in or eating out. Did someone just say the long weekend in Dubai has just started? Omg, no cooking for a few days? Woohoo, time to celebrate …


Do you have a love/hate relationship with cooking as well? Would love to hear all about it …

Until the next post, Let’s keep it Strictly Lighthearted! 

42 thoughts on “Cooking is not for me!

  1. My favourite question is always “Do you guys have to eat every day?” Unfortunately I live in a house of people who ask me “What’s for supper?” by lunchtime. I have a love hate relationship with cooking. When I feel like cooking I make amazing dishes. When I don’t then the food is awful and everyone complains. I love looking at recipes though. 🙂 Thanks for this totally relatable post.

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    1. Haha, the reaction you get to the question must be priceless … love it! Supper plans just when you’ve sorted out lunch? 🙊🙊🙊 At least you enjoy cooking sometimes though. I have a long way to go to reach that stage. Ohh yes, watching cooking shows is always fun though. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Am so glad you could relate to it. xx

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      1. Sometimes my husband texts me to find out what’s for supper. It is a curse. I enjoy cooking pizza the most, because there are always leftovers. I live for cooking and baking shows though. Never try the recipes, but they are hypnotizing to watch.

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A funny and totally relatable post by Strictly Lighthearted called ‘Cooking is not for me.’ If you hate cooking or have a love hate relationship with it like me, then you won’t want to miss this post.

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  3. This is great! I love cooking/baking and had to teach myself as I came from a “fend for yourself” family. I also got a tattoo for my 50th birthday last February. Neither of these activities, cooking or the tattoo, really hurt that much 🙂

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