Dr. Funnybones


If you suffer from any of the symptoms below then chances are you are suffering from ‘Blog-0-Mania‘! Please consult your nearest laptop immediately if symptoms persist ….

You lost and your phone gained …. an appetite:
It happens when you’re only interested in ordering food to take pics for social media and not necessarily to eat it! Haha, been there done that! In fact, before I got into blogging I’d always ask the waiter ‘Which is the signature dish here?’ … but now it’s just a simple ‘I will just have whatever is Insta-worthy around here’ …


Eye bags (getting bigger than that Gucci bag):
Often the result of staring at the screen too often as stalking people on Facebook and Instagram has become a new hobby!

Eye bags
Source: http://www.giphy.com

Day dreaming/Constantly Smirking:
When you are surrounded by people but choose to play the silent observer as you make mental notes of various situations and how you’re going to blog about it later. *ka-chinnnnnng*.

Source: http://www.giphy.com

Error 101 – Sleep not found:
This is when all the brilliant ideas decide to emerge sending your brain into active mode as if you have just had your 10th cup of coffee! Speaking of which, this blog post idea came to me at around 1am. Hasta la vista sleep .. you’ll be missed! Sleeping at 10pm continues to be a dream …

Source: http://www.giphy.com

Thought bubbles:
What came first, the chicken or the eggs? Neither,my chicken shawarma did! *random fact* We bloggers tend to think of everything simultaneously … situation, write up, laundry, photography (not of the laundry .. eww), social media, what to eat, response to the blog post,Β who to meet, where to go, better make the grocery list, when to post ..Β yup, the thoughts seem to be all over the place and not quite organised!

Source: http://www.giphy.com

Weak Shock Absorbers:
That epic moment when you type in your blog’s url and it does not seem to work! Technical glitches and weak-hearted bloggers are not a good match. This is also often the case when there is an Insta-worthy moment going on in front of you and you just can’t seem to find your phone to capture it!

Source: http://www.giphy.com

And last but not least, when you fear losing your sanity on those once in a blue moon days when you decide to look up from the screen and switch off from the blog completely ….

wasted day
Source: http://www.giphy.com

Good thing it wasn’t one of those days today at least! πŸ™‚

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

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