‘The Girl on the Train’

Why I always tend to pick books that were later made into a movie is beyond me. This week I picked ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins. Not watched the movie yet as I always prefer reading the book first, but the words ‘You do not know her. But she knows you.‘ on the cover were enough to grab my attention and make it my weekend read. 

In a nutshell, ‘The Girl on the Train’ is a psychological thriller about Rachel, the girl with an over-active imagination who pretty much has her daily commute on the train memorised. She even knows about the lives of the people in the neighbourhood she crosses daily. But one fine day she happens to see a bit too much that not only turns out to be a life-changing event for herself but for those involved as well. And before she knows it, she has become a part of the lives of these very same people she used to observe as a commuter everyday ….

The narration of the different characters in the book has been done quite well and keeps the reader engaged. To say the book was full of many twists and turns would be an understatement. It’s quite fascinating to see how what we perceive about people from afar is quite different from the actual reality. Each time I thought I knew who the culprit was, I’d be in for a surprise as a little more was revealed about the other characters. I was annoyed by Rachel on a few occasions as I just wanted her to get a grip on her life and move on (or perhaps I was just desperate to know what actually did happen). While I did enjoy reading the book, the ending fell a bit flat for me as I felt it was a bit rushed. Can’t really explain why without giving away any spoilers. Lol.

Overall, I’d give ‘The Girl on the Train’ a 3/5. Planning to download the movie next, although it would be zero suspense for me. But it’d still be good to add a face to all the names I spent my weekend reading about!

Which book are you currently reading?

Until the next post, let’s just take the bus? Kidding … ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!’ 

11 thoughts on “‘The Girl on the Train’

      1. I saw the movie, haven’t read the book yet. I do agree with you that the book is always better than the movie, but a few movies have done a better job of, at least, trying to live up to the original story.

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  1. I happened to see the movie before reading the book, which is something I don’t usually do. It was a spur of the moment, dull weekend decision. I heard some bad reviews about the movie, but just between us, I kinda liked it. Don’t know if it makes me sound like a weirdo LOL, I basically enjoy psychological thrillers. Have you read Gone Girl? The movie was a hit and perhaps, you’ve already seen it. Do give it a read if you haven’t already. I liked your review for this book.


    1. Hi Mehreen, I heard good reviews about the movie so gave it a go, but couldn’t watch more than 15 mins as it seemed so depressing. Perhaps the fact there was no suspense in it left for me also played a role in that decision. I haven’t read Gone Girl actually! But will pick it up as my next read as soon as I finish my current one. ❤️


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