Lets get skin deep

Let’s talk a little bit about skincare today. I am the worst when it comes to following a proper skincare regime. While I do understand the importance of keeping the skin moisturised, my hyper-sensitive skin probably has a lot to do with the lack of enthusiasm as I always have to be extremely careful when it comes to using different products. But when I do come across one that is safe to use and actually works, then it deserves a mention on my blog …

Background Story: 

Came across the Pure Organic Shea Butter cream during a pedicure at N’Style Lounge (Dubai Mall) the other day. Though I am better at keeping my hands moisturised, I tend to overlook the feet and all those uncomfortable shoes I wear in the name of fashion don’t help and add to the dry skin issues (particularly around the heels). So this time, I was introduced to this cream as the possible solution to dry skin. Although the pack just says ‘hands and body’ I was informed it can be used on the face and hair as well. But I was definitely NOT going to be that adventurous and had it applied on the feet that day. The fragrance used was ‘Lemongrass & Mint’ which was a bit too strong for my liking. The fact it was organic had me convinced it would be ridiculously expensive. Much to my surprise it wasn’t. The instructions ask to use just a small amount of the cream which is effective enough to last through the entire day (another bonus for lazy me). I was starting to like the sound of all of this and gave it a go ..

Product overview: 

Name: Pure Organic Shea Butter
Price: AED 89
Availability: N’style Lounge (Dubai Mall)
Fragrance: Vanilla, Lemon grass & Mint, Lavender, Orange, or just stick to the original with no fragrance.


I have been using this product for a few days now on the hands and feet only. The cream is easy to apply and has left the skin feeling visibly soft and smoother. Given you have to apply a small amount only, I’d say it’s good value for money as the product should last you a few months at least. I should probably also mention when I used the cream today it did feel a bit hard to scrape out of the tube, but I think that was more to do with the freezing room temperature. But I’ve been happy with the product so far …. If any changes, then I’ll certainly keep you posted …

Which is your favourite moisturising cream?

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

12 thoughts on “Lets get skin deep

  1. I’ve never had a skin regime, but lucky enough that I seem to have ‘good skin’ anyway.
    I used Oil of Ulay once a week or so for years, but when they changed it to Olay, there was no Ole from me as it didn’t seem as good, though the formula was supposedly the same. I have to use a non petroleum cream on my boob since my op. That’s pretty good, Boots own, and at £8 a tub it will last me about 8 months. Hubby uses it for his face sometimes as his skin dries out in the sun. other than, I am cream less.

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      1. My Mum has good skin too, so maybe it’s hereditary. It could be that I’ve never been one to wear makeup since my teens and don’t use soap on my face at all. I’ve probably had less than a dozen zits in my entire life.

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