Nervous Flyer 

Today is probably the first time I enjoyed flying in a plane and I have this blog post to thank for it. As I sit back, observe and recall all those long journeys I have been on, I find myself pleasantly distracted. Australia is probably the longest flight I have ever taken (16 hours) and Karachi the shortest (1.5 hours from Dubai). Though all the wonderful destinations make the travel worth it in the end, it isn’t quite a smooth journey if you’re a nervous traveller like myself.

Here are my top ten reasons you’ll be able to relate to if you hate flying as much as I do:

  1. You suddenly recall all those movies and documentaries you’ve watched about plane crashes. (Watching them always seems like a much better idea when you’re on the ground!)
  2. The initial announcement from the captain means everything. If he sounds chirpy then you immediately relax a little. (If he sounds tired then I’m convinced he will fall asleep .. great!)…
  3. The minute the plane takes off you feel like kicking yourself for not deciding to swim across oceans to reach your destination instead. (Never mind it’ll take me a lifetime to reach there! Also that I can’t swim..)
  4. You try your best to stay distracted during the safety demonstrations but are always watching from the corner of your eye (I just wanna cry out loud when they talk about the life jackets) …
  5. Eyes pop open the minute the ‘fasten your seat belts’ sign is switched on. Mouth drops open too if cabin crew are requested to be seated. (Do you really expect me to say something at this point? I’m shit scared!) ..
  6. You feel like giving a standing ovation to fellow passengers who manage to sleep through turbulence or the entire duration of the flight. (For a brief moment I forget about the turbulence and wonder if they’re actually dead to not be woken up by all that shaking!)
  7. How everyone else seems to be enjoying movies yet you’re the only one with the map on staring at ‘Time left to reach destination.’ (My geography has improved immensely since the fear of flying kicked in..)
  8. When you start to hear weird noises and are convinced you’re the only one who heard it. Turns out it is only the orchestra of snoring going on in the background by fellow passengers. (phewww! Now I wish they keep on sleeping for my peace of mind ..)
  9. When you don’t see cabin crew around for a little while and convince yourself something’s wrong. (Come back! I need to see the red lipped million dollar smile ..)
  10. The huge sense of relief the minute you touch down. In fact you are so ecstatic at this point that you feel like hugging the passenger next to you. (Umm errrr..)

Safe to say, we have just landed and I can breathe again. Though this post took 10 mins to write, I spent the remaining time wondering if I’ll live to publish it. Lol! I did, I did! (Free hugs to everyone reading) …

Are you a nervous flyer too? How do you cope with it?

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!’

14 thoughts on “Nervous Flyer 

  1. I feel really fortunate to not be a nervous flyer, in fact I have been where the guy in your feature photo is! Three times! I know they say that fear of flying is rooted in the powerlessness feeling of putting your life in the pilot’s hands, but I am ok with that. I am not one of those who can sleep on a plane, I really want to be one of those lucky joes 🙂 Hopefully as you travel more it will begin to feel more comfortable for you, there are so many amazing places to visit and great sights to see. Hoping for all the best for you 🙂

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    1. Wow! You really do love flying don’t you 🙂. The funny part is I am a frequent traveller and travel around quite a bit but it’s such a helpless feeling when you’re up in the air. But my case isn’t as bad as some ppl who need to take meds. I just squeeze my husbands hand real tight. Then he is the one in pain once the turbulence is over. 😁

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    1. I still remember my flight to Aus 4 years ago. I had already watched all the movies they were showing from before (made a mental note to stop watching movies months before flying next time) and forgot to pack my book! So there I was with absolutely nothing to do to kill time! 🤦‍♀️ But Australia was on my bucket list for a long time and the long distance was certainly worth it! 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by …

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  2. Oh the photo at the top made me laugh. Great post. I don’t need drugs to get on a flight but i am really glad to get on the ground again. Years ago we were on a Varig flight during the night and hit turbulence and the plane dropped for the longest time. The pilot came on speaking Portuguese very quickly, then he spoke in Spanish because we were flying into Bueno Aires and THEN he spoke in English.It seemed a long until we knew what was going on. The drop gave everyone a scare and everyone woke up. Louise

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  3. Hi Louise, so good to bump into you here. That pic seems pretty hilarious to me too when on ground. I am reminded of it on air too and i’d just not rather get the window seat now. LOL!

    Omg, that must’ve been a horrible experience. I’d prolly have passed out when that happened, come back to life, and then died if the pilot spoke in a foreign language. 😅


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