Lets spill the beans …

If I started including the source behind my blogging inspiration, then that would be a post in itself. It’s always in the most random places and today it was at the cashier. As I waited for my turn to pay, my eyes fell on the row of ‘Lion Bar’ chocolate in the shelf ahead (moment of silence for those who have never had or don’t know about Lion Bar). A major wave of nostalgia hit me as I was taken back to my childhood days. I knew just then I had to do a blog post on sisters.

I’m the youngest of 4 sisters – an absolute spoilt brat who got whatever I wanted and loved playing the ‘baby sister’ trump card whenever necessary. While I share a very strong bond with all my sisters, there’s always one who you have that extra special rapport with. For me, it is my 3rd sister. We are just a year apart and known as the ‘Tom and Jerry’ of the family (if you don’t know about that either then I’m sorry but you’ve had a very deprived childhood!). So today’s post is dedicated to my sister as my way of saying ‘thank you’ to her for putting up with me. Surely you’ll wanna give me a tight slap and award her a medal once I’ve walked you down the sister lane today…

Just so we’re clear, she is Tom and I am Jerry.


The bright kid: 

I hated school. It was such a task for my Mom to get me up and ready for school every morning. My sister on the other hand loved school (weirdo!). She’d be up early in the morning, going ‘La La La’ as she played with her two ponytails while I frowned at her as Mom untangled my hair curls (Oww!). Anyways, I’d deliberately take tiny steps from the school gate to the classroom, while she’d already be queued up first in line outside hers. I’d be so grumpy and practically beg my Mom not to send me to school as we reached my classroom. I would be in tears. Luckily Tom and my classrooms were right next to each other (diagonally) and to help calm me down my Mom made my sister move to the end of her queue, so she could stand next to me and hold my hand. Tom would not be amused but had no choice. I’d drag her all the way to my classroom door until finally letting go of her hand. Deep down I wished she’d have to repeat a year so we could be in the same class. Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing as I recall those days!


Follow the leader: 

Tom and I were made to dress up as “Bobbsey Twins” as kids. We didn’t mind that too much except for the occasional fight over who looked more cute (I did, DUHH!). Anyways, I LOVED copying Tom and everything she did. Everytime we’d go to dinner parties, I’d follow her around the dining table taking exactly the same as she did. It annoyed her a great deal but she carried on perfectly calm and composed. I got great pleasure out of it and giggled all the way until I saw my plate and realized she had her moment of revenge …. 3 drops of gravy, no chicken and 4 pieces of carrot with a knife and fork to eat it with! I ofcourse did what I always did – “Moooooom, Tom is being mean to me! Tell her to stop!” …

secret code

Secret Code: 

All siblings have secret codes and we were no different. While I obviously can’t reveal them all to you, my favourite remains to be the one for a wardrobe malfunction. We decided anytime one would need their top or whatever to be fixed then the other would say the name of a country/city as a warning, and the other would then have to acknowledge by taking another name. So this is us in a public gathering:

Tom notices something about me and says: Jerry, Japan!
Me: (after the fix) Paris!
The rest of the people in the room: *absolutely clueless*

My cousin will be relieved if he reads this now as he has been trying to crack this code of ours forever. Haha!


I got your back: 

No matter how much I annoyed Tom, she always had a soft corner for me. To date, all I have to do is just send her a sad face emoji and it melts her enough to do whatever I’ve demanded. A particular childhood memory that strikes me at the mo is as follows:

Me: Mom, I want cake!
Mom: Sorry, you can have it tomorrow as it is too late right now.
I refuse to give up and move on to my Dad, and then every member of the house until someone agrees.

I return to my room defeated. But Tom then takes out a few orange-colored smarties (those were a huge deal back then man!) and gives them to me. I’m surprised as I know they are her favorite coloured one’s. So as my way of saying thank you, I gave one back to her and kept the remaining 5 for myself.

ps: she also stopped her wedding photo shoot midway coz I arrived late and she had to do my make up first! #sistergoals


One size fits all: 

I’m blessed to be the same size as Tom. I say ‘I’ because she always finds the best clothes for herself and I get to steal them from her later (there’s a reason my savings account looks awesome). Of course when I politely ask her the first time, she refuses saying it took her forever to find it. I quietly agree at the time with no further arguments as I’m pretty confident of what’s to follow. Things get so emotional on the last day of my trip, I know that top is neatly folded and put in my suitcase by Tom. Yessssss!!! Do I share my tops with her? Hell no, they’re mine!


The perfect child: 

Just like every parent has one perfect child in the family, that was Tom for my parents. My dad is a Doctor and wanted one of us to take up his profession as well. We all sat there in the lounge pointing at Tom as the perfect candidate (well she did love school, didn’t she?). Happy to report, Dr. Tom in the house now people! Woohoo! She was also the obedient child. While I refused to eat all the vegetables on my plate, she was made to eat hers and mine. Similarly, my mum loved long hair. Guess who was made to have long hair for the longest time while the rest of us bounced off our wavy curls! Haha. Her straight hair probably had a lot to do with it but I still rubbed it in every opportunity I got. She really is the child every parent dreams to have.

My list is endless, but need to stop somewhere. It absolutely sucks that Tom and I live in different continents now. Words can’t express just how much I miss her and our casual chit chat while lazing on the couch. Good ol’days!

Tom, thank you for such amazing memories and ALL that you do for me. Will you consider taking back your resignation now? (Private joke).

What kind of a childhood did you have?

If you enjoyed reading today’s post, don’t forget to ‘like’ and comment. Would love to hear your side of the story too.

Until the next post, ‘Lets Keep it, Strictly Lighthearted!’

23 thoughts on “Lets spill the beans …

  1. Great post. That’s how I see sisters.
    Sure we were dressed the same though I had to wear the same things twice as they were handed down, however much I hated them. I was always in her shadow, she was bigger and older than me so family and teachers always remembered her first and wondered why I wasn’t like her. I’m glad I’m not, and certainly don’t want to be.
    I have an Ace in Bro. We’ve always been close, even though he’s half way across the world. Suits me.


  2. This was amazing … enjoyed every bit of it .. and can totally relate to so many things .
    Sisters are a blessing .
    Your tom is my favourite too 😙😙😙

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really enjoyed reading and your images are just awesome!! I haven’t got a sister and I have always been more than happy about nobody touching my stuff, my brothers weren’t that keen on my outfits😉 but today as an adult I would love to have a sister. Great post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww! I love sister stories! I never had a sister, there was just me and my brother. Which was great, don’t get me wrong, but I always lonnnged for that built-in best friend relationship! I definitely hope to have at least two girls in the future for that very reason!

    I totally feel you on the hating school bit… you pretty much described my mentality Kindergarten to high school, ha!

    And thank you for the moment of silence.. I have no idea what Lion Bars are! 🙂


    1. Yay! Someone else who dislikes school as well. I honestly cringe when I even think back to all those school days and exam phase. Thank God that phase is over! Lol …

      Lion Bar is the best chocolate everrre!! I’ll now have to do a post with me eating one just so you know watcha missing out on! 😁

      Thanks so much for your awesome comments as always. ❤️


  5. Omg
    That is an amazing read
    Can’t stop laughing on some of them
    But I’m the deprived one, no sister
    But still can feel the true love
    Keenit up girl

    Liked by 1 person

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