Ed Sheeran in Dubai!

The secret is out! Ed Sheeran was in Dubai last night to perform his last concert of 2017! My friends and I managed to get our hands on the tickets all the way back in May, so it has been a pretty long wait. But as they say “Good things come to those who wait”, only in this case “Great things happen to those who wait.”

It was so refreshing to see such a down to earth singer who just simply relied on his amazing voice to win over a sell-out crowd. No dancers or bands required, as just a loop pedal, a guitar and a pretty amazing voice is all that is required to make it a night to remember! I have always been a huge fan of Ed Sheeran songs, but this was probably the first time I enjoyed the ‘live version’ even better. He sang for 2 hours straight, and not once did the energy level drop. It did not matter how old anyone was. Everyone knew the words to all his songs and probably discovered a new found love for the talented singer. As the man says himself …  “people fall in love in mysterious ways“.

Ed Sheeran wasn’t the only one performing last night though. The doors to the venue opened at 6pm with ‘Lauv’ as the special guest (I have discovered so many new names in the last week thanks to teens … now I know who Logan Paul AND Lauv are). But sadly, as Lauv took to the stage, I was still stuck in a traffic jam wondering if that was Ed Sheeran in the car next to us with tinted windows. We really underestimated how busy the traffic would be closer to 10pm (which is when Ed Sheeran was supposed to perform). But luckily, thanks to some really skillful driving, we made it to the venue by 9:45pm. We were so convinced there would be a delay in Ed’s performance, we decided to buy some snacks first. But lo and behold, as soon as the clock struck 10, out came a pretty well-known ginger singer strumming his guitar. I couldn’t believe my ears (not eyes, coz I’m buying snacks at this point remember?). I made a run for it as my #instastories were depending on it. And so began a night to remember ….

Time to let the videos do the rest of the talking now …

Ed Sheeran

Thank you Ed Sheeran for such an amazing performance! It was worth every penny spent on the ticket and every minute spent being stuck in a jam. I was also pretty impressed with your guitar skills considering you just got out of a cast recently. #Respect.

Which was the last concert you went to?

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

30 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran in Dubai!

      1. Can’t argue with the good weather. But people touching and pushing and spilling drinks on u and stepping on ur feet has never been my ideal thing.

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  1. I loved that you posted these clips! I think I heard them on your instastory at least 10 times! (As did my 10 year old daughter!). I love Ed Sheeran!!! And I have ‘Perfect’ on repeat in the car and in my head.
    Glad you were able to go!
    I haven’t been to a concert in a long time. Atif Aslam came to Doha a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t manage to go. I heard that was pretty good too!

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