The Missing Wife

I couldn’t have found a more apt title as my comeback post on the blog. Lol! What’s up readers? Sorry for missing in action (again!) but January has been a crazy busy month with tonnes of guests coming and going. Plus you know how I take it to heart if someone is not impressed with my city, right? So was fairly busy playing host and forcing everyone to go ‘wowwww’ as I showed them around.

Anyways, time for the unofficial tour guide to take the back seat while I awaken the blogger in me again.

‘The Missing Wife’ by Sheila O’Flanagan was my latest read. I didn’t even have to think twice before picking this one up as the title was enough to leave me intrigued and wonder ‘where did she go?’ (Just like you are reading this blog post right now thanks to the same title). I know something you don’t know! :p

In a nutshell, the book is about ‘Imogen Naughton’ and her perfect life (or so we are led to believe). She eventually gets so fed up of being tied down to her monotonous life controlled by her husband ‘Vince’, she comes up with a master plan for her grand escape. Of course her family and friends are shocked to say the least as Imogen never showed any signs of being unhappy nor did they think she would ever take such a drastic step. Did she succeed in re-discovering herself or did it all go downhill when her husband manages to track her down? Sorry, no spoilers here so you’ll have to read the book to find out yourselves. But I will say this, I was genuinely terrified for her as her husband unfolded the final clue about her whereabouts (he was so sneaky it’ll make you cringe).

The good – What I loved about the book is it makes you realise sometimes we are so busy playing various other roles in our life we often tend to forget about ourselves in the process. It’s great to be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.

The bad – The storyline was good but I was expecting a lot more towards the end. Therefore once again, the ending felt a bit rushed to me. After all that climax building up to the plan failing miserably (phew, think I did well not to give away any spoilers here), it all seemed too simple and easy in the end (or did I?).

The obvious – Should you buy it? Absolutely, go for it! You’ll get so involved in the book you’ll find yourself rooting for Imogen all the way until the end. I know I was!

Time for some precious ‘me time’ now. In other words, I’m going to have a bar of Galaxy chocolate.

Which book are you currently reading?

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

10 thoughts on “The Missing Wife

  1. I was just going to message you this week! Hadn’t heard from you in a long time! Glad to have you back.
    Thanks for the review. Will add it to my every growing, every over flowing to be read pile!
    I’m currently reading Kafka on the Shore. It’s a different read, but I had been meaning to read it for a long time. So yay me!
    Till next time! Don’t be a stranger now!

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