Social Media Detox …

Hi, it’s me again! Firstly, thank you so much to those of you who sent me all the warm messages wondering when I’d be back on the blog again. It feels great to know I was being missed. For those of you who didn’t even notice I was gone, can you pretend you missed me now?

Though the truth is I was busy playing host to in-laws, the more cooler way to put it would be I was on a “Social Media detox.” If even the thought of it made you shudder, then you’re in trouble mate. But then it does sound like a punishment in today’s fast-paced world. You’re almost forced to ask yourself has social media actually improved or taken over our lives completely? Don’t get me wrong though, I know there are a lot of benefits involved and bloggers like myself practically rely on it to get acknowledged. Also, it feels great to be connected with the distant world. But sometimes we can’t help but get carried away by it all. It’s not until you take that break that you realise the importance of it. Now that I’ve got you thinking, here’s what I learnt from my own experience and can hopefully encourage you to take one at some point as well:

  • The days are off to a much better start since I’ve gotten rid of the habit of checking my phone first thing every morning. Am I really obligated to reply to every email, chat message, notification etc the minute I’m awake? It’s almost as if I had made myself believe the other person knows I’m up and is sitting there waiting for the reply. Dream on! Delaying your response is not going to hurt anyone (unless someone’s life is depending on it in which case they would have called anyway). So time to take it easy and get the day off to a less stressful start by not logging in until after breakfast at least.
  • I have learnt to cherish relationships a lot more by spending real time ‘talking’ to the people around me. Do I really need to waste time chatting online while being in the company of those physically present with me? That’s almost like taking someone for granted. As per my new rule, I stay logged out of all accounts when I’m with someone. Sure, I allow myself to take a sneak peak every now and then but only for a very brief time. I’m loving the precious moments now more than ever! #GottaMakeUpForLostTime 
  • I find myself a lot more focussed and less competitive now. Healthy competition is always a good thing. But sometimes you can’t help but let the pressure of it all get to you, thus losing your originality as a result. I was surprised when I browsed a few of my favourite bloggers on Instagram after a while and realised they mostly seem to be doing the same thing. I actually missed reading their original posts as compared to brand endorsements (sorry, never been a fan of those!).  That’s when I decided stepping away from it all is sometimes for the good of your own blog (hopefully!). Not only does it help you stay focused but you also end up with fresh ideas as opposed to just doing what seems popular out there.
  • I started to see the world through my own eyes. This was the biggest game changer for me during this so-called detox. Usually when I have someone over I immediately think ‘Oh great, lots of content for instastories‘ as there’s a lot of exploring and eating out involved. But this time, because it was a case of re-visiting the same places again (but with different guests), there was no need for me to document it. As a result, it dawned upon me by not doing that before, I was just viewing things the same way as my followers i.e. via the phone screen. This time however, it almost felt like visiting the place for the first time myself. Watching all the instagrammers around me was a real treat though. Is that how funny I looked moving things around and dancing around the table just to get the perfect shot? Lol! Trust me, ‘Pappa Roti‘ bun (ate it while it was still fresh) and karak chai (drank it while it was still hot) never tasted so good before!

The hard part starts now that I’m back to blogging again. It was easy to do before as I was busy hosting. But will I be able to continue with the above habits I so proudly boast about? Perhaps balance is the key here. Everything has its pros and cons. What’s important is that we use it in moderation without letting it rule over our lives. Will just have to make a conscious effort. Whether I succeed or not, only time will tell ….

Do you find yourself addicted to social media as well?

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

17 thoughts on “Social Media Detox …

  1. Really mona!!! Loved ur blog…never seen anyone putting detox of social media this way…i felt so positive and not to be blamed for not using the media….we r so much hooked up wid this media thing that if one decides to take a break starts feeling guilty as if leaving somethng HOLY🤣
    But after ur blog i watever i want whenever i want. Not bound to follow the NORMS

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  2. And …….then the ‘STARS’ shine down on you!! 😀

    p.s: Girl u r on the right track now but again balance is the key so I hope people will value the relations more after reading this post .
    keep writing..!

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  3. This is so true Muna, I was thinking the same thing. I’ll be taking a blogging break so that I can focus on other things outside of blogosphere. It’s important to strike the right balance between the two.. great post girl! 💕😘

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  4. I wrote a post recently that explains my own reasons for deleting social media. It was definitely causing a lot of pressure and unhealthy comparisons. I also wasn’t living in the moment. I feel so much better without it! Do you think you will ever delete social media again or just change the way you use it?

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