Birthday Blues …

What is it about birthdays? Things go absolutely fine until the week before, at which point you start to imagine all kinds of crazy stuff. My birthday isn’t until next month but it hasn’t stopped these thoughts from creeping in. I’d like to believe I’m not too old to call this a mid-life crisis, so lets just call it a quarter one for now!

First and foremost are the unnecessary purchases. Just the other day, as I stood in front of the mirror, I couldn’t help but notice a few fine lines around the eyes. I zoomed in further to confirm if they really did exist. Yup they did, and probably have for the last few years’s called being natural after all! Google (after scaring the life out of me) convinced me to buy an eye brightening cream. When I got to the store and asked the expert for a recommendation, I was told I didn’t have anything to worry about. That had me grinning from ear to ear, only to then hear “Your natural fine lines only show when you smile!” My natural response to that was to make a fish face and buy whatever was being recommended! Deep down, I knew whatever was being bought would only be used religiously for a few days and then be completely forgotten about!

Then of course are the mind games. That same evening, as my husband turned to speak to me, I was convinced he was not looking at me but at the non-existent wrinkles instead! Next thing I knew, I was suddenly scanning his face, desperate to spot a few wrinkles on him too (I wasn’t going to look old alone!) By the way, my husband’s standard reply to such situations is always, “You look just the same to me!” And case dismissed! 🙂

However, the real killer in my opinion is when it comes to filling out forms. What’s wrong with just leaving a blank next to the age question, instead of giving age groups to choose from? Getting older is bad enough as it is, so why rub it in further? But I’m not going to moan too much about that for now, because it turns out I still get to tick the same age bracket for another year! Woohoo …

The good news is the panic mode only exists for a few days and the birthday excitement eventually returns as soon as the clock strikes 12 and the phone starts beeping with birthday wishes. I think Facebook waits until the actual morning before nagging you to wish someone 😀 … Besides, I have nothing to worry about as long as I hang out with my older group of friends and automatically feel young! They’ll probably hate me for saying that, but I do know they will also be taking a closer look at me when I smile now! So I guess we’re even …

Until the next post, you look just the same to me!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to ‘Keep it ‘Strictly Lighthearted!

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