Friends – I’ll be there for you!

I had the funniest start to the day today. I was in the mood to blog but out of topics to write about. So, I decided to WhatsApp my friends for suggestions. That alone was an inspiration in itself. I don’t know about you, but every time I open my WhatsApp I have a variety of messages waiting to be read. It made me chuckle but at the same time blessed to have such a well-rounded entourage around me. Here is a quick round up:

The Polar Opposite: 

They fight with you, scheme with you *evil laugh* but no matter what happens you know they always have your back. While you literally struggle to get out of bed at 8am, they are already on their 3rd cup of coffee and also send you cringe-worthy ‘Good Morning’ motivational messages at 6am! They are non-judgemental although their rants can be never-ending at times!

Personal note: Rads, thank you for all those inspiring messages you’ve sent my way and completely ignored my request to puhleez stop! Also for learning how to sing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan‘ just for me! Tania, thank you for all the laughs over your ‘adventurous’ life. I’ve always said your punch will be the strongest coz it will come straight from the heart and leave a deeper impact!

The Maternal One:

Ahh, gotta love this category! They are the one’s who are always worried about you. Are you eating enough? Why are you unusually quiet today? Their motherly instincts come out in full force when they fear your actions. Their freezer is always stocked up with emergency food for you AND they also have an A-Z list of remedies to share should you fall sick. They are always prepared!

Personal note: Alina, thank you for being my Mum in Dubai and for all the countless shami kebabs I have stolen from your freezer! You’ve always come to my rescue. Also, thanks for letting me feel like a teenager around you. Hope you don’t get any bright ideas of getting us to call you ‘Choti Ammi‘ (Little Mum) now since we refuse ‘Bari Apa‘ (Big sister).

The Fearless Young at Heart: 

Age is just a number and they know it. They are always up for embarrassing you in public and always open to any kind of dares. They never respond to any plans with a ‘Why?’ but ‘lets do this!’ instead. They are mostly active and pull us out of our shells and dull routines. They are always readily available to be your partner in crime!

Personal note: Sadia Z, thank you for being the badass of the group and always making me feel much younger than I am! I quote “Muna, were you even born in the Backstreet Boys era?” Not ready to thank you for getting me on that 10-looped roller coaster just yet though. It feels great to know I’ll always have that one thrill-seeker friend who can make my insta-stories look brilliant! 🙂

The Fitness Guru: 

It’s almost like having a personal trainer AND nutritionist for free. Why are you still gaining when you’ve been working out regularly in the gym? How can you make salads healthy but still fulfilling? They have all the answers for you. They help you keep motivated about your fitness goals. But then they are also on their 15th glass of water when you’ve only just managed to gulp down your 2nd glass! Also most likely to show up with an apple when you’re about to bite into a cheeseburger!

Personal note: Sharmin, thank you for bearing with my occasional ‘gym phase’ and explaining the ‘muscle vs fat’ theory to me numerous times. You’ve always known what to say and when to say it! Also for all those healthy recipes you send my way when I’m struggling with lunch ideas!

Sisterly Act: 

They can read your thoughts, make you laugh, and no matter how busy their schedule is they always take out time to check up on you. You are most relaxed around them coz you know you can say absolutely anything without worrying about them getting offended. In other words, you have the same twisted sense of humour (which sometimes only the other finds funny!). Friends like these should always be cherished!

Personal note: Eiman, thank you for being a good sport every time I’ve made fun of you for forgetting about our catch ups. Also for creeping me out at times by reading my mind! How do you do that? Also, can we please now agree that I wake up at 8am and not 11? phew!

Now I’m kinda wondering if I’ve dug a hole for myself by writing about this. Of course, mentioning ALL my friends would have made it a very long post. So if your name was not mentioned today, then please do not be offended. I promise to do a ‘part 2’ at some point in the future. So can you please put my baby/teenage pictures back in the safe now? Thank  you! We can carry on the discussion on WhatsApp if you like! 😀

Do you have friends that fall under the same or another category? Would love to hear more about it.

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep it Strictly Lighthearted!

31 thoughts on “Friends – I’ll be there for you!

  1. Muna! Thank u for always listening to me drag on and on about my adventures! Although recently those adventures have dwindled down and my life is now more about worrying what to cook. Sounds familiar? :p

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  2. I think I should thank you for always listening to my Fitness and healthy food rants 😉 I think I’m just passionate about health what more can I say !! And I would like all my friends to be around when I get old to gossip with hahaha…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A-ha! So that’s why you’re so good to me! I’m picturing us as old ladies quarrelling over what’s healthy and what’s not! 😂 You always make perfect sense so plz rant away! Plz tell me what to make for lunch tomorrow while you’re at it? 😁


  3. Muna, this one shines with your brilliant perceptiveness and tugs hard at the heart strings 🙂 May you always write from the core!
    P.S: You, and A too, have always been there for us – specially Z! THANK YOU!

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    1. A to Z, I like that! Thanks so much for the appreciation and constant encouragement. Means A LOT! This tribute was long overdue. Anything interesting in the freezer? Hee hee .. Just kidding! xx


  4. Such a sweet post Muna!
    I haven’t sent you anything in a while but I took this as an invitation 😘
    I know I can always count on you for anything at any time ❤️

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  5. haha This was one delightful read and the way you portrayed your friends was hilarious xD Much love x ❤


  6. Loved it!!! Such a refreshing read and wowww you have got quite a mix there😂…I wonder how I can categorise my friends as, I feel like they are mostly all like me loll☺️

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  7. Love it….. love the way you have actually categorized the friend types!!! Didn’t realize until read your blog that all such types are actually a blessing!

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  8. Still can’t get over my ‘badass-iness’!!!!
    I think it’s hightime I embrace it 😉
    This post made me feel that i’m more than the plain white chawal i think i am: i’m biryani with aaloo (just woke up so please ignore 🤦‍♀️)

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