The man who didn’t call …

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. But I’m sorry, I’m a blogger and have every reason to do so.

When I was at the bookstore the other day browsing through a gazillion books at Kinokuniya, one that grabbed my attention immediately was called ‘The Man Who Didn’t Call.’ It got my curiosity level sky-high (as well as the rage .. how dare he not call her?) and I needed details pronto of what went wrong and why? I didn’t even wait to get home and went to a nearby cafe instead and got reading …

In a nutshell, “The Man Who Didn’t Call” is a romance thriller written by Rosie Walsh. The book mainly revolves around the lives of Eddie David and Sarah Harrington. They meet by chance, fall madly in love and are ready to take things to the next level. But Eddie’s planned vacay with his friend stands in the way. They promise to resume things from where they left off when Eddie returns, and so begins the mystery. Days turn into weeks into months but Eddie seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Sarah Harrington is at her stalking best (all the methods she uses to trace him down made me lol … proud of you girl!) but to no avail. What could have possibly gone wrong? Everything was perfect so why was Eddie giving Sarah the cold shoulder?

I follow a strict ‘no spoiler’ policy in my book reviews so I’m afraid I can’t tell you the reason. But I will say this … it’s not what you think! You’ll think it’s predictable and that you have it all figured out as you read through the book but believe me you won’t see it coming. The events that unfold once the mystery is solved is even more shocking.

Rosie Walsh has done an excellent job writing this book. My only criticism would be I felt it dragged a little at the start or perhaps it was just my curiosity getting the best of me as I just had to know!

So please grab yourself a copy today coz now that I know, I really need you to know too!!

Have you already read this book? What were your thoughts?

Until the next post …

9 thoughts on “The man who didn’t call …

  1. This sounds so good, and right up my street! I need to know why he didn’t call so bad! What happened!! I will be adding this to my wishlist immediately! Thank you for the recommendation



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