It started with a tweet …

I had a digital detox planned for the weekend. It didn’t go entirely as planned but better than I expected. Anyhooo, so every time I plan one, I go searching for a good book to read to keep me distracted and away from the phone. And the one I ended up buying couldn’t have served the purpose better …..

‘It Started With a Tweet’ by Anna Bell is a book about Daisy, the social media addict who loves to publicise her ‘offline‘ life ‘online‘ … But in a mad rush one night, she accidentally tweets a personal message from the wrong account. All hell breaks loose then onwards as not only is she fired from her job, but her sister has also persuaded her to join her for a complete digital detox kinda trip together. That’s certainly not good news for anyone who is so used to putting their entire life out there, right? Will Daisy be able to do it? Can’t help but ask will you be able to do it?

I loved everything about this book. It had me laughing out loud from the very first page as it started off with “Time since last internet usage: 37 seconds ago” and felt quite relatable. But the part I loved the most was the hidden message behind all the fun and laughter. It makes you realise how addicted we really have become to the world of social media, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. As a result, we sometimes  miss out on living our ‘real life‘ because we are so busy making our ‘reel life‘ look so pretty online.

If you are someone who loves posting on social media, then this one is a must read for you, as you’ll find it funny, relatable and thought-provoking. I almost felt bad posting about it online afterwards … haha!

Have you already this book? What were your thoughts?

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep It Strictly Lighthearted!

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