Growing up is a trap …

Isn’t it funny how, as kids, we can’t wait to grow up…and then when we are grown ups, we miss our childhood days! Let’s do a quick comparison:

THEN: Ewwww, I’m not eating all those veggies on my plate!
NOW: Eat clean, go green, stay lean!

THEN: Open your wardrobe and choose from 50 shades of black!
NOW: Get mistaken for a rainbow as anything bright is now the new black!

THEN: Wake up at noon and make late night plans!
NOW: Nap at noon for any late night plans (read post 10pm)!

THEN: Messy hair don’t care!
NOW: Messy hair can’t bear!

THEN: Can’t sleep without music on.
NOW: Can you turn down the volume please, I’m trying to get some sleep!

THEN: Jerry is so smart and Tom is so dumb!
NOW: Jerry is a bully and Tom the victim!

THEN: Any song should have a good beat!
NOW: Have you heard the lyrics to this song? It’s so beautiful (sniff sniff)

THEN: This is my favorite fashion brand!
NOW: This is my favorite grocery store!

THEN: Black & White pics look so trashy!
NOW: Black & White pics look so classy!

THEN: I really don’t feel like studying!!
NOW: I really don’t feel like cooking!!

THEN: Are we there yet?
NOW: Haven’t they left yet?

It’s official, I belong to a museum! Who is joining me? As I once read somewhere, ‘Adulting is just a fine day ruined by responsibility!

How much have your habits changed over time?

Until the next post, ‘Let’s Keep It Strictly Lighthearted!

21 thoughts on “Growing up is a trap …

  1. This was such a fun read and made me all nostalgic. I definitely belong with you in the same level of museum. I used to absolutely hate eggs with a passion then and now I love them, all sorts gooey, runny and jammy 😋🥰.

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  2. Your title resonates with me far too well; I’ve been saying the very same thing more frequently than I probably ought to admit. 😛 Remind me again, why were we in such a hurry to grow up?

    Yeah. Adulthood is definitely overrated.

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  3. I exercise more, I watch more the calories and junk I take in, I am closer to God and care more about spiritual things, I love more my time alone. I write more on my blog than I do letters. I’d rather warn the world of things I’m learning than mind my own business. I don’t care as much about what others think of me. I’d rather cook from home than go out to eat. I spend more time at my piano.


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